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Four Bookstore Strategies Your Credit Union Should Adopt

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Four Must Haves

Commonly, leaders spend a great deal of time, effort, and money trying to motivate their employees and create an optimally productive environment. Afterall, employee motivation is a fundamental aspect of being a leader. In many cases, they go to great lengths to create new and different “carrots and sticks” to elevate the performance and production of their staff.

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Assess Your Culture Now

For many of us, there has never been a more challenging time to be in the retail industry. Staffing shortages so severe that your favorite restaurant can’t open its dining room to serve customers. Working environments at your favorite coffee shop so unpleasant that baristas are threatening to unionize as a last resort to force improvement. Your favorite airline suffering through a disastrous week around Christmas caused, in large part, by the rigidity of its policies and procedures. Download Download

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Empathy as Your Secret Sauce

We hear a lot today in both business and social circles about “empathy” but, many times, it’s hard to define exactly what it means and how to apply it to what we’re doing day-in and day-out with members and employees. In this article, we break down specifically how empathy should be deployed and the five critical ways to make it your "secret sauce" in creating and optimizing your experience culture. Read more

The Satisfaction Index, Not the Misery Index

The Misery Index is an economic metric that captures the sentiment of consumers, based largely on unemployment and inflation. But it also impacts the sentiment of your employees and, collectively, the vibrance of your culture. In this article, learn three things you can do today to minimize misery and maximize satisfaction. Read more

6 Ways to Set Your Vision Clearly on Experience

Believe it or not but focusing your development efforts on just one strategy will drive significant success in all other strategies. Click here to find out what it is: Read more

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Three Things A Leader Should Do Today

Being a highly effective leader is a learned skill. Leaders aren’t born, they’re developed. Therefore, every leader needs to consistently hone their skills and establish a regimented process. Below are three skills and processes every aspiring great leader should begin developing today. Download Download

Stop and Listen Before Planning This Year

While strategic planning is a vital process for success, an important (and often overlooked) aspect of it is to assess your current culture. Accurately and thoroughly determining where you're at today and what you need to do to improve is something that usually requires an unbiased, outside perspective.

To learn the necessary steps to a successful culture assessment, click here: Read more

Don’t Waste Money on Monetary Incentives

In a recent client survey, only 14% of employees said their incentive program was “effective in producing positive performance” and only 18% said the incentives were “highly motivating to me.” When these results were shared with the credit union’s executives, the CLO blurted out “then why am I paying them $43,000 a month?!”

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