On a fairly regular basis our consultants have the opportunity to share our perspective on a variety of topics related to our areas of expertise. On this page you will find links to various articles and white papers we’ve written as well as podcasts and webinars we’ve recorded.

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Create a “Joyous” Culture

Far too many employees think their job is just a job. How many of your employees feel that way? Just one employee with this attitude can have a corrosive impact on your performance.

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Make Your Incentives Disappear!

Incentive programs may represent the most perplexing conundrum in our industry. What started out as well-intention has turned into highly destructive to many cultures. In many instances the intent was to stimulate growth with incentives; however, the result is stifling stagnation of performance. Seen by some as a way to motivation employees has, instead, driven many employees away from our organizations … including some of your best employees.

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What Will Your Tombstone Say?

I know this is a pretty depressing topic but it’s an important consideration when assessing the current state of your credit union. Think today about what your community, members, and employees would say tomorrow about your passing … and let that drive your actions today to become the absolute best credit union possible.

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Find the Right Fit for Your People

Is it our systems that make us successful or is it our people? Could we replace our entire staff with new hires and still continue to succeed? When we meet with new clients about their primary business challenges, many say that keeping good people is at or near the top of their list.

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Voice of the Customer Journey Mapping White Paper

Journey mapping can be a valuable means of removing friction from the customer experience, personalizing sales and service delivery, and improving process efficiencies. This white paper examines the purpose and methodology of journey mapping in general, then focuses on application of journey mapping techniques to the banking sector.

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Why Balanced Scorecards Fail

Balanced scorecards are critical and powerful tool that will drive the desired performance at your bank or credit union. Build them the right way while avoiding the common pitfalls that can tear down a scorecard before its true potential can be realized.

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Be Obsessive Compulsive with Your Service

We read and hear so much these days about how disruptive technology is going to be to our industry. About how different we’ll be when the impact of Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence is realized in just a few short years. I can’t wait to see what the world of the Jetson’s has in store for the banking industry! The fintechs are coming … the fintechs are here!

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Don’t Waste Money on Monetary Incentives

In a recent client survey, only 14% of employees said their incentive program was “effective in producing positive performance” and only 18% said the incentives were “highly motivating to me.” When these results were shared with the credit union’s executives, the CLO blurted out “then why am I paying them $43,000 a month?!”

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Passion and People: the Tack to Success

As our financial institution clients have been kicking off the new year and finalizing their goals and strategies for last year, I was reminded (and have reminded them) of the following quote from Walt Disney: “You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place on earth … but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”

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Efficiency & Experience: A Movement for Credit Unions to Think and Perform Different

Traditionally, credit unions haven’t had to worry much about efficiency. Unlike publicly held institutions, credit unions haven’t had to justify every dollar they spent. Their focus was largely on responding to members, getting the job done and spending “whatever it takes” to satisfy the credit union mission of serving the members. Learn more about efficiency for your organization!

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