I would not hesitate to recommend FI Strategies to any company. I am confident in their ability to connect with and bring out the best in employees, directors and credit union.


The planning session moderated by Paul Robert and FI Strategies was very well received by our board of directors. I had many directors tell me this was the best credit union meeting in which they had participated. The format encouraged interaction between our directors and managers in a way we had not done previously.

Chief Executive Officer

The results of our employee survey were enlightening and helped us to focus in on issues which we were aware of but did not realize the extent they were affecting our operations and our employees. The staff at FI Strategies took the time to speak with every employee and to listen to their concerns. Their approach with our staff was excellent as were the recommendations to our management team.

Chief Executive Officer

We are very satisfied. FI Strategies’ approach to helping a credit union improve its operational efficiency is well developed, paced, and measured.

Chief Executive Officer

PAO fosters teamwork from across the organization; gets staff involved in the cost/benefit analysis of our daily work and processes; builds leadership and enhances strategic direction.

Chief Financial Officer

Results were organization wide. Efficiencies and streamlining of processes made significant impacts in the ‘key’ areas of our operations.

Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President

When I was at a previous credit union, I facilitated a six-figure process improvement project for 24 months … I wish we had used the FI Strategies approach. The other process was consultant centric; the FI Strategies approach is management/key employee centric.


If you want to partner with an external consultant that cares as much about your organization as you do, choose FI Strategies!

VP of Human Resources

"Has PAO helped us increase efficiencies in our credit union? Absolutely!"

Executive Vice President, Sales

"Results were organization wide. Efficiencies and streamlining of processes made significant impacts in the “key” areas of our operations."

Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President

FI Strategies gets us to think outside the box and find new, innovative ways to do things.

VP of Human Resources