Strategic & Tactical Planning

Strategic Planning

Over the years we’ve learned that those financial institutions who are the most successful know who they are and who they want to become. Our process, refined over twenty years of facilitating planning sessions with all sized financial institutions (from $30 million to $10 billion), will help your Board and Leadership Team determine a crystal-clear strategy that all can articulate, understand and execute.

There is literally no “right” way to conduct a strategic planning process, but most important is that all stakeholders be allowed to give input and be “heard”. Our processes are designed to deliver maximum input and participation … we want to hear from everyone. Your session will be highly professional but with a chuckle or two along the way … if we’re not going to have fun, let’s not do it!

The first task is to determine the level of support and planning that each client wants or needs. We’ll work with you to make sure we are providing just the right amount. Some clients can be hugely successful with a half-day to reaffirm their plan; others will need multiple-day, off site sessions with pre- and post-meetings with management. Whatever approach you’re looking for, we can provide it.

Tactical Planning

Having a good strategic plan doesn’t matter if it can’t be executed! Too many strategic plans gather dust after being developed. Therefore, we create tactical plans with you to determine what will be done, by whom, and when.

We’ll facilitate the discussion to build specific and detailed action plans to achieve each broad strategy laid out in the strategic planning process, define success measurements for each, and establish the deployment timeline and executive owner to make sure each is carried through to completion.

Oh, and we will stay on you as much as needed to keep you accountable to doing what you say you’re going to do!