Mergers are a fact of life in today’s financial services industry. Virtually every business day in the last five years a financial institution has merged into another. Some mergers occur as a way to grow; others occur as a way to survive; others occur out of requirement. And the trend is predicted to continue due to CEOs retiring, stiffening regulations, and the apparent economies of scale produced by merging.

Are you ready? Have you developed a merger strategy? You can’t wait until you’re confronted with a merger opportunity to strategize. We can help every step of the way.

We’ll help you develop a merger plan and philosophy. We’ll help you answer critical questions like: What’s your criterion for a merger partner? What would be the financial requirements for a merger partner? Would you consider a regulator-driven merger? Would you consider being acquired? What role should the CEO and Board play?

If you want to be the acquirer, we can help your officers develop a strategy to recruit and talk with qualified prospects. Finding a merger partner is a long term process, and it’s easy to ruin your chances with an incorrect approach. We will literally coach your officers as they work through the process so you get it right, the first time.

When you find a candidate we’ll help with every aspect of the negotiations, making sure they’re completed thoroughly and appropriately and in a way that positions the new organization with the best chance for success.

But the work certainly doesn’t end with a signed contract. Our experienced consultants will help you integrate the two companies, making certain your cultures mesh, people are well positioned, and processes get aligned. Again, preparation is vital and we’ll get you prepared to merge successfully.

Mergers will likely remain an important strategic initiative for many institutions. For some, your future growth will largely depend on your ability to merge. Most leaders have not endured a merger … but we have and we can help you navigate the potentially tumultuous merger waters.

If you’re considering a merger, we can definitely help. Let’s talk about your thoughts on mergers and our experience in this area.