Culture Assessment

In order to help clients create customized solutions we must first completely understand their current performance culture. Further, before organizations invest substantial time, resources, and money into new initiatives (big and small) they need to thoroughly understand their strengths and weaknesses.

We produce and deliver a suite of assessment tools to help you determine what’s working and what’s not working in your organization so your new initiative will be optimally successful. From motivation and engagement surveys to employee focus groups and executive interviews to a full-blown SWOT analysis, there are a variety of ways we will help you assess and thoroughly understand the key drivers of your current culture.

And, most importantly, we won’t just tell you what’s broken and leave it up to you to fix – our consultants will deliver very specific and actionable recommendations on what needs to be done to plan, grow, and execute your organization’s strategies. We may not tell you what you want to hear but we will tell you what you need to hear to maximize your performance culture and be optimally successful.

To discuss how we can help you assess the current condition of your culture, let’s talk.