Developing strategic and tactical plans are critical first steps but positioning your organization to implement those plans and see it grow is a critical next step. Some organizations are great planners but poor implementers – our consultants will help you be good at both!

Our extensive suite of tools and resources allow us to conduct thorough and complete assessments of every facet of your organization. Then, using those assessment findings as a foundation, we’ll collaborate with you on the ideal solutions to help you develop your culture and optimize performance.

Some organizations need an overhaul; others just need a fine-tuning. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum today, our consultants are poised to help you grow to that next level and create the culture you desire for employees and consumers.

Culture Assessment

Before your organization invests substantial time, resources, and money into any new initiative, it’s critical to thoroughly understand your current culture’s strengths and weaknesses. Too often, a new initiative will unintentionally erode strengths while attempting to improve a weakness. Our assessment process positions any initiative to leverage your strengths while squarely addressing all weaknesses.

Our mighty suite of assessment tools will help you determine exactly what’s working and not working in your culture today. From motivation and engagement surveys to employee focus groups and executive interviews to a full-blown SWOT analysis, our culture assessment allows you to thoroughly understand your key drivers and deploy an initiative that optimizes its impact.

At the conclusion of the assessment, we won’t just tell you what’s broken and leave it up to you to fix it – our consultants will deliver very specific and actionable recommendations on what needs to be done to plan, grow, and execute your organization’s strategies. We may not tell you what you want to hear but we will tell you what you need to hear to maximize your culture and performance.

To discuss how we can help you assess the current condition of your culture, let’s talk.

Empathy Training

For most businesses, growth in today’s challenging and competitive environment can not come as a result of high-pressure sales tactics. The consumer doesn’t want it and won’t stand for it any more. Even subtle tactics, disguised as “service”, are detectable by consumers and end up driving them away instead of drawing them nearer.

Today, more than ever, growing businesses are attracting new consumers and deepening the relationship with existing ones by focuses on “empathy”. At every touchpoint, they’re providing precisely what the consumer wants and needs by demonstrating genuine and sincere empathy. Without empathy, you’re just another business hawking a product; with it, however, you’re a partner worthy of their current and future business.

But, there’s a right way and a wrong way to deliver empathy. Our consultants are experts at teaching you the “right” way to do at every level of your organization. Further, empathy is like a muscle – it needs to be exercised regularly. Therefore, we’ll show you how to effectively practice empathy on a regular basis and weave it throughout the fabric of your culture.

There’s one more beautiful thing about empathy: not only is it a powerful tool with consumers, it can also be the most powerful tool in building sound teamwork and internal support in your organization. Our consultants will train your employees on the right way to deliver empathy with each other. Particular focus will be placed on executives and managers so they lead and coach their employees with the highest levels of empathy.

What an awesome way to invest your training time and resources: empathy training that’ll drive business growth and solidify your employee culture! Stop investing in sales and service training and focus instead on empathy training from FI Strategies.

Let’s talk about creating customized empathy training for every role in your organization.

Scorecards & Incentives

An important step in a growing culture is the ability to accurately measure your progress. Often, organizations fail to define “success” and goals are misaligned with the desired output. This issue can be exacerbated when those outputs are tied to monetary incentives, focusing employees on the wrong behaviors and production.

Our approach over the past 20 years has been to build scorecards and incentive structures upon solid motivational theory and performance philosophy. We don’t create scorecards in a vacuum; we keep them simple and easy to understand; and we make sure they have clear line-of-sight to your desired growth goals.

Often, our first step is to hear from employees about your current performance culture – it’s amazing how many times employees tell us they’re not motivated by the incentives the organization has been paying them! We’ll compare your incentive structure to industry best practices and deliver very specific recommendations on what you need to change in order to motivate staff to the next level.

For some organizations, that’s all they need; for others, we’ll walk with them through an extensive process of defining compensation philosophy, creating scorecards for each role, and deploying their new and improved incentive program. In the end, you can be assured that your organization will now have a performance culture that is highly motivating, unifies employees around a shared vision, and makes sense from a business standpoint.

Do not develop new scorecards or incentives on your own and don’t tinker with what you currently have in place until you get our unbiased, outside, and expert perspective!

Let’s talk about how we can help you set up highly effective scorecards and incentives.