Creating a fully-functioning performance culture in today’s business environment is more challenging than creating one just a few years ago. Today’s consumers and employees are more sophisticated and demanding and they expect a highly personalized experience every time they interact with you.

Your organization needs to invest in both sides of the culture equation – creating consistently great experiences for consumers and employees. Our consultants have expertise in both areas. We can help you create a highly empathetic and engaging culture for employees and position them to deliver highly satisfying and memorable experiences with consumers.

Our best-in-class solutions will allow your organization to dramatically improve your experiences and allow you to differentiate your brand for all the right reasons. There isn’t just one aspect that will differentiate you; you need to focus on many aspects – we can help you address each one of them. Our goal is to position your culture to create consistently great experiences for consumers and employees, long into the future.

Coaching Camp!

Coaching Camp! Turn Managers Into Coaches & Leaders

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To keep the focus on delivering great experiences day-in and day-out, an organization needs strong and dependable coaching. Unfortunately, too many organizations fail to invest in their coaches and too often promote people into coaching roles without teaching them what it means to be a coach. This is true at every level of the organization – from new executives to new frontline supervisors.

Our suite of coaching solutions allows you to elevate the performance of each and every coach in your organization. Regardless of the experience level as a coach, our consultants are prepared to help them improve their performance and create an optimal coaching culture for their direct reports.

Using various diagnostic tools, we will assess the current performance and future potential of every coach. Focusing squarely on the key characteristics essential to success, and modifying them to your unique organizational demands, we will produce a holistic assessment of performance, determination of coaching priorities, and a personalized development plan for each. Then, we can provide personalized, on-going coaching to each of your coaches – helping them instill their coaching regimen and solidify their confidence.

If your coaches need to be better at setting the focus and holding employees accountable for performance; maximizing the contribution of each and every employee; and being proactive in their coaching efforts (instead of reactive), our Coaching Culture solutions will position your organization for optimal success.

Let’s talk about maximizing the overall coaching performance at every level of your organization!

Process Analysis & Optimization

Process Analysis & Optimization Case Study

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Every organization should be looking at every process and trying to become as user-friendly as possible. That is the key in today’s environment – your competition has the same products so the only way you can differentiate is by creating easy and friendly experiences. At every touchpoint, ask your self what you can do to make that experience as painless and pleasant as possible. Then, take the bold step to re-engineer those process to meet that new standard.

Fortunately, we have a solution to help you do just that … it’s called Process Analysis & Optimization (or “PAO” for short) and it allows your organization to maximize your ease of use and optimize all delivery channel experiences. Our growing list of PAO-users will tell you that it has dramatically changed their approach to delivery and cast a much brighter light on creating optimal experiences.

PAO is based on proven industrial engineering principles but simplified to minimize the demand on people, resources, and money. It is highly effective for your culture because it’s delivered by your employees. Its impact is long-lasting because it becomes woven into the fabric of your organization. It produces real-world solutions to your real-world problems and inefficiencies.

OK, it may not be the cure for global warming (!) but it is the ultimate way to analyze and optimize all of your processes so your organization will create the best experiences, ease of use, and standout from the competition for all the right reason and succeed well into the future.

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Engagement Study

To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.

Studies show that nearly two-thirds of employees are not engaged in their current role and almost 50% of those are “disengaged”. Imagine the hardship this condition would place on your organization trying to fully execute your growth strategies, create unified and consistent operations, and solidify the positive experiences of your consumer at every touchpoint.

On the other hand, having a team full of engaged and thriving employees can lead to significantly higher levels of production, lower turnover rates, and maximum effort to satisfy goals and objectives. When your employees are highly satisfied with your experience culture, attrition goes down and performance goes up! You can count on them to go that extra step or two in addressing your future business challenges.

But “engagement” is far more than just happiness and it needs a much deeper assessment than just an occasional, general survey. It requires getting into the heart of your organization and assessing at an individual level. Our solutions diagnose what makes your employees truly satisfied, motivated, and in the best position to succeed. We’ll learn their key drivers so you can continue to be strong in those areas, as well as, spotlight the inhibitors so you can develop targeted strategies to improve.

To create that superior engagement culture you need, let’s talk about our Engagement Study solution.