Each financial institution has a unique business plan so scorecards, metrics and incentive compensation can’t be generic if they’re going to be successful.

We’ve developed performance metrics and incentive plans for all different sizes and types of financial institutions. Using balanced scorecard principles we help companies develop the key performance metrics that will indicate their success at the organization, department, branch and individual level.

We can link these scorecards to incentives and automate the process using “Incentive Pro”, which is offered through HRN Management Group. We helped build the system and believe that it’s the most adaptable and user friendly systems available, and certainly one of the most reasonable!

Incentives are always emotional. We take the emotion out and build incentives around your compensation philosophy and corporate goals. This is a highly customized and participatory process.

We’ll help you develop the plans, provide templates for documentation and help you develop employee communication pieces. In addition, we often work with your Board of Directors to help them understand, approve, and buy-into the process.