Solutions for Small Organizations

Sales and Service Solutions

Small credit unions have the same need to develop sales and service processes and training as large credit unions but are often unable to afford the consulting and training. We’ve developed a solution in our new “Sales and Service Process for Small Credit Unions”.

At a price affordable for even the smallest credit unions we’ll develop a sales and service process customized for your unique needs. We recognize that unlike larger competitors your people have to wear many hats so we’ll develop a simple, yet effective, process for them to use when they meet with members.

Depending on your goals, competition, budget and human resources, we’ll develop a process that is right for you. This could include:

  • Performance goals, metrics and expectations
  • Coaching processes and skills
  • Specific sales processes, skills and behaviors
  • On-going consulting and coaching to sustain success

Obviously the needs of each client are unique. Give us a call and we’ll propose a specific solution for your organization.

Strategic Planning

We offer an abbreviated strategic planning process for smaller credit unions. We can be as complex as the process outlined on the Strategic Planning page or as simple as facilitation of a one day, on site session with your management and Board of Directors.

Sales and Coaching Workshops

Our sales and coaching workshops are short (2-4 hours), focused sessions delivered by our consultants and reinforced by on-going support. We’ll teach your staff the most basic, yet vital, skills necessary to build stronger member relationships and take your sales production to a higher level. More information on our training approach can be found on our Sales Training Development page.

Outsourced Sales and Service Management

Many small credit unions can’t afford a full time sales and service manager yet have to compete with organizations with more resources. We will be your outsourced solution! Please visit our Sales Management Assistance page to learn how.