Frontline Field Coaching

Regardless of how good (or expensive) your sales training is or how elaborate incentives become, your company’s sales and service success will be made or broken by the effectiveness of your managers. We’ll work in great detail with each of your key managers and supervisors to make sure they are effectively managing and coaching your sales process each and every day.

We’ll teach them how to coach to bring out the best in their staff, establish a simple yet effective process for on-going coaching, and create a system of accountability to make sure coaching becomes and remains their most critical priority.

We typically start with a thorough assessment of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of each manager using our proprietary tool, the Leadership 360 Survey. Then, in our field coaching meetings, we work with up to four managers per day, on site, and address the following areas:

  • Review of their regular coaching routines
  • Discussion of staff development efforts
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness and development of their action plans
  • Development of tactical action plans for them and their team
  • A summary report of the overall coaching performance of your organization
  • Phone support for each manager for up to 60 days after the on-site visit

“If you want to break through barriers, conduct meaningful discussions and make a difference in the impact you have with your staff members and your organization, the Leadership 360 Survey is the right tool.”
Rosalyn Piha Reilly
Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President
SF Police Credit Union

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