Sales Management Assistance

Developing a great sales and service plan doesn’t assure that it’ll be carried out. We are experts at helping our clients implement their plans and optimize their results in the near- and long-term.

Some engagements are on-going and include a variety of customized components, including: monthly reviews of sales and service reports, on-site reviews of progress, monthly conference calls, and at-your-service phone support, as necessary. We provide one-on-one coaching of your sales manager(s) to ensure their adherence in holding the organization accountable to your defined process.

Or, for those companies that can’t afford a full time sales manager, we’ll function as your outsourced manager in an effective and economical way. We’ll establish a process to improve your sales and service production, sustain performance, and report results every step of the way.

To discuss how we can help you manage your sales and service culture, please visit our Contact Us page.