Process Analysis and Optimization

“Has PAO helped us increase efficiencies in our credit union? Absolutely!”
Ann McMillian
EVP Sales
IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union

For many of our clients the key to sustainable success includes the minimization of operational demands confronting their organization. On the frontlines, this means reducing the time spent pushing paper and increasing the time spent in front of customers or members. In the back office, it means speeding up processing times so departments can adequately handle increased volumes.

Our proven Process Analysis and Optimization solution directs your mangers to look at every task in their work unit and determine: 1) How much time and effort does it currently require? 2) How can we perform it more quickly and accurately? and 3) How much money and time will we save by doing it differently?

Our consultants will work with you every step of the way to make sure you conduct the necessary analysis and develop and implement the most appropriate solution. All modifications are determined by your managers and approved by your executives. We’ll stay with you to make sure the new, improved routines become engrained in your culture, allowing you to realize the desired inprovements.

Process Analysis and Optimization will allow your staff to spend more time on the money-making tasks – providing higher levels of sales and service – and less time on the money-losing tasks – wading through mountains of redundant paperwork.

“Results were organization wide. Efficiencies and streamlining of processes made significant impacts in the “key” areas of our operations.”
Rosalyn Piha Reilly
Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President
SF Police Credit Union

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