Experience Culture Development or Improvement

Our “Experience Tune Up” is a terrific tool to help your organization plan, grow, and execute. If you are just starting out and need a good deployment plan or if you have been at it a while and want to get to that proverbial “next level”, the Tune Up is the right tool for you. Though the approach is customized for each company the basic process includes:


Generally we use three concurrent pieces:

Employee Interviews – we’ll conduct individual interviews with managers and officers, and focus groups with your staff to learn real-world successes and struggles.

Employee Survey – We use an anonymous, on-line survey that gives everyone a chance to express their opinions of your current environment. The survey is simple – it takes less than 20 minutes to complete – yet identifies all areas that need to be addressed.

Review of Documentation – We’ll ask you for a long list of documentation so we can gain a holistic and thorough understanding of your current culture and practices.


The end result is an on-site meeting with your executive team that presents our findings and recommendations for future improvement.

Be warned, however: we will tell you exactly what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. We’ll give you our honest, unbiased, outside perspective based on the findings of our research and best practices that we’ve seen succeed in other organizations like yours.

You’ll have a complete understanding of your culture’s strengths and weaknesses as well as a roadmap to being wildly successful with your experience culture initiative.